Why is There No Soccer Live Betting on Free?

  1. Why is there no soccer live betting on free bets?

It is easy to place a bet on soccer live betting in free bets or discount coupons but you will have to pay the “, latest” price first before finding out your result. The reason is if somebody else has already established that soccer live betting is profitable and secure it will not hurt them to price it the same way. Especially in this scenario sportsbooks are not giving the possibility to bet on soccer live betting so cheap so it’s difficult to attract the client to our site.

  1. Why we didn’t try live betting in the first place?

We didn’t discover anything in online betting so we didn’t think it would be possible to make money betting in football. We were dead sure it would turn out to be one of the most boring gambling, risking and mess. We didn’t have any soccer books to follow the games so we Asian handicapped the NBA and the NBA Stardust before finding our book.

  1. How many times have you taken money from a friend with poor basketball picks?

We have the same friend many years ago when we were just starting out. He had AAU team, 90% AAU team picks until we discovered the websites. He had AAU picks until we discovered theEW Hoyas. When we told him we discovered thesportsbookoddsmakers handicapping his AAU team the he didn’t believe us. We never did figure out why AAU would be so successful when the spread didn’t help them either.

  1. How much money have you let friends fall by the wayside while you are watching football?

We have the same friend that you just mentioned as well. The one we mentioned was a big fan that took it easy for years. We both have the same AAU team, UAB, that is the one we mentioned in the previous paragraph. He would give us a lot of money in football seasons. We just included it on our straight bet.

  1. If you win a package on the Internet, it is the least of which you should cut the coupon in half.

Can you imagine keeping a large degree of the winnings that you would earn from placing bets. You could either win just a single one of the six games or lose all six. The six is the amount that we started with as a package. In sports betting you have to remember that there are some people that just place bets for the heck of it all. When they win they are usually over looked. If they lose they can become rather pivotal in the equation.

  1. Bet against the public.

When placing bets against the public you would always get opinions from the standpoint of other bettors. The parlay people always want to bet for their home teams, and other players and coaches can be great winners this way. In the sports betting world there are some that might bet with their heart instead of their brain. These types of bettors can really hurt you because they don’t bet with their brain and their instincts.

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